The Warriors of Devine Light

The Other Side of the Mountain

Discovering Whisperholde


Ugh… Giants.

Kokoro was thrown hard against the nearby Tower. The giant Vlastmir and his brash actions have made an enemy of the The Warriors of Devine Light. In response Kokoro used her Misty Step to teleport through a nearby hole into the second storey of the Citadel. Once there she plunged Elesh Norn into the ground, after forming her bastion she intended to rain down on the giant. She was not alone however, in the dark corner of the room, hidden among the straw and hay, was a griffon. Willem Blackember already at home in his new Tiefling body would cast Darkness concealing the entire group from the giant. Peaking out from this magical darkness Darvin blow a kiss and a Charm Person to Vlastmir. To even his surprise it worked. Darvin and Vlastmir would converse in broken giant and common. The group would learn that the giant needed something within the tower but was too big to get inside. He than hoped that his “friends” would look inside for him. Instead they convinced him that they will need to return this way and will look through the citadel on their return trip. This proved acceptable and the group was left to continue on their way. They made haste as the charm spell would not last for long.

Whiperholde in sight.

The travel down the mountain has passed without much in the way of trouble. Your lungs no longer burn from the cold air and the ground is no longer a steep decline. You are still far from civilization and worse, you have begun to leave the green forest behind on the mountain, trading it instead for dry bushes and hard rocks.

In the dark of night some 6 hours before the sun would rise, the group caught sight of Whisperholde. Darvin assured them that if they pressed on through the night they would make it as the sun rose. Rokke Anansi was eager to make the journey under the pale light of the moons for a change and pressed on they did. Doing so they caught sight of a campfire. It was not the bonfire they worried it to be, instead it was the campfire of Orcs.

Willam used stealth and magic to scout the Orc camp, he got close enough to hear the leader speak, “I told our scouting party to be here by sundown.” He threw a pile of bones into a bowl, “The signs are not good.”
One of his companions replied, “The sun has only just gone down, perhaps they were only delayed”

“We need to the scouting party to report BEFORE we begin the raid on Whisperholde. They have some rich shit and we need supplies.” When Willam heard this he made haste back to the others. In his haste however he alerted the guards to “something” in the area around them. When he reported to others what he learned the orcs had already put out their fire and were on alert.

It was decided that this orc band of raiders had to be dealt with and so an attack was arranged. Both groups searched in the darkness hoping to get the jump on the other. Darvin was eager to use Thunderwave on the enemy, catching many in the blast. This also had an unwanted side effect and alerted everyone to his presence. Rokke made use of her shadowblade spell and Willam with a blast of eldritch energy discovered his pact with Yelchum had indeed made the sorcerer into a warlock. The axes and Javelins almost brought the bard low but the group prevailed.

A cart to catch.

The wind turns your way blowing the stench of manure along with it. You enter into town to see a human covered in dirt and dust. He lugs 4 bags, two on each shoulder, they sag and look quite heavy. Suddenly a volley of fruit comes flying in from one of the nearby buildings. It strikes him in the face. Caught unawares he loses one of the bags as he stumbles forward. The bag bursts on the ground, it’s dark contains spilling out.

After a brief confrontation with troublesome children, Michel, farm hand for the Rofferton Clan directed the group to the general store known as Casper’s. It was here that they hoped to find 250GP of cloth and Vestments, 500GP worth of Incense (Jokingly called the “eleven herbs and spices”) and 250 GP of fine oils. The store was easy to find in such a small place, but before they entered Darvin spoke up and asked if anyone in the group had anything in a glass vile that he could have, something small and inexpensive that they wouldn’t miss. When he saw the groups confused expression he went on to say, “It would help with any bartering they did.” Rokke offered one of her marble figures. When they entered the human owner Casper greeted them. In response Darvin took the figure up and said, “Vashoom Vastoon” before smashing the figure onto the ground. Bewildered Rokke muttered to herself, “That was 60 gold pieces…” Casper opened his arms and replied, “You honor me by making my establishment the first you visit. Few among even the gmones remember the old ways.”

After breaking the ice, almost literally, the group began to barter for there needed items. Willam lead the negotiations against a shrewd but fair salesmen. They traded much of their art pieces and gemstones for the required items. Willam also procured some alchemy supplies. However they could not buy the required oils. Which had unfortunately been sent to Isolon in the small hours of the morning. They had a cart to catch on the road, perhaps they could purchase what they needed from there.

5 dogs, 10 heads and a broken cart.

Rokke mounted on her elk steed and scouted up ahead. It was not long before she came upon it’s wreckage. Foul beasts with two heads rummaged through the contents of the cart. She stopped, rearing her steed and the two headed dogs were quick to notice her. She returned to her companions, the dogs close behind. With a leap from her horse she summoned Gnochmadis and cried “Away with you!” to the lead dog as the other 4 circled left and right to surround the group. The lead dog hesitated for a moment but the other four had already committed. Kokoro’s Ray of Frost succeeded in slowing one of the dogs down before it could reach them but the others were able to assault the others. Rokke easily dispatched the mutt facing here. The three magic users had more difficulty, WIllam most of all. The warlock was unable to ward of the effects of the devil dogs infectious saliva. The dogs have been killed but their bite still courses through his veins, unnoticed and untreated.


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