Elesh Norn


A full staff that looks oversized in Kokoro’s hands. Its bone white shaft is topped with a dark ruby.

The destined weapon of the Wizard Kokoro, this staff of unknown design was found in a dungeon underneath the lair of the dragon Repoleth. To obtain it the elf would overn come hordes of zombies, using her wits and skill to overcome puzzles. In the heart of the trial she came face to face with the undead Duke of Duckerson sending the horror’s body to the winds she would claim the weapon.

Passive Ability

Siphon: When Kokoro is out of spell points while wielding the staff she can cast any spell at the following exchange: 1/2 HP+(spell level) If she does not have the HP required she falls to 1 HP and chooses an ally within 10’ to give the remaining HP balance.

Active Ability

Bastion: Using an action Kokoro plunges Elesh Norn into the ground. The staff creates an area of difficult terrain of 10’ centered on the staff in the form of chalk white roots. While Kokoro is within this area all spells deal an additional dice of damage.

Movement Augmentation

Etheral Juant As a bonus action Kokoro can shift from the material Plane to the ethereal plane or vise versa. She provokes opportunity attacks only if she starts her movement adjacent an enemy.

Elesh Norn

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