Col Kobolds


A Col Kobold can be distinguished from the regular Kobold thanks to it’s pale white scales and black and grey spotting. A trait evolved from many generations of living in the snow. They can also be mistaken as many small humanoids (gnomes, dwarfs etc) because of there ability to fashion high quality outerwear using pelts and hides.

Expert Tunnelers

The following is an excerpt from Volo’s Guide to monsters:

Kobolds are naturally skilled at tunneling. Similar to dwarves, they seem to have a near-instinctive sense of what sections of stone or earth are strong or weak, are bearing a load or are safe to excavate, or are likely to contain minerals or offer access to water. This ability enables them to fashion secure homes in places where other creatures wouldn’t feel safe.
Kobolds take advantage of their size by creating small-diameter tunnels that they can easily pass through, but that require larger creatures to hunch over or even crawl to make progress. In places where a tunnel opens into a chasm and continues on the other side, the kobolds might connect the two passages with a rope bridge or some other rickety structure, designed to collapse under the weight of any creature heavier than a kobold. On occasion, the route through a kobold lair runs along a ledge that borders a cavern or a crevasse, and the kobolds might erect a railing or a wall that prevents them from falling off the edge-high enough to protect a kobold but low enough to serve as a tripping hazard for a larger creature.

Able Scavengers

Kobolds are adept at identifying broken, misplaced, discarded, or leftover crafted items from other creatures that can still be put to use. They prefer to scavenge objects that have clearly been lost or thrown away, which is easy to do without attracting attention. At the same time, they don’t automatically shy away from trying to grab items that are the property of other creatures, because such objects are more likely to be in good condition and thus more useful or valuable. (Pg. 63) This has lead them into conflict with the hunters from the village of Tanarooka as they have a habit of taking knives and other useful things from them.


The Col Kobold’s that inhabit the snow capped mountains of the Mescal range have eked out a living since before the second-born even existed on Kali. In that time before recorded history the Col Kobold’s were hardened by the constant threat brought about by the war raging between Dragons and Giants. When the war was eventually won, the surviving Kobolds had become almost a separate species having become so adapt at life in the cold. They have never shaken the dominion of dragon’s however and to this day live in the shadow of the “white death” known as Repoleth

1 Volo’s Guide to monters

Col Kobolds

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