The Warriors of Devine Light

Duckerson's end
They got sooo pissed


His duck quacks no more…

Underneath the mescal range the wizard Kokoro came to see her prize. Her staff plunged into the heap of snow and bathed in white light from above stood before her. However, the room was still filled with wondering undead. When she attempted to do away with them a familiar voice from her past echoed in the chamber. The Duke, long dead and mummified in the cold and dry air, rose to his feet, “I see another group has taken up the cause after the failure of the first chosen few.” beneath the hood his tanned skin was stretchered against his bones. His long face still sporting a long thin straggly beard, “With a lesser necromancer no less.” Unshaken by his words Kokoro was quick to retort and for a time it seemed a battle of words was all that was to become of the confrontation between the two wizards. Growing tired of the argument (and having lost it) the duke summoned a vortex of snow and ice. With the circlet on his head he attempted to arrest control of every undead creature in the room, including Kokoro’s. She held firm against the assault but it would cost her the magical item atop her head. It’s shards ringing against the stone floor.

Kokoro would prevail against the undead Duke, using her minions to surround and control him until another blast of ice and snow destroyed them all. The final blow came from an orb of lightning thrown from Kokoro. It would erupt squarely at the Duke’s feet and enveloped him in a crackly surge of electricity. The sheer power caused the charge to radiate outward, to spark, and crackle all around. Falling to his knees the duke would say, “The reaper can never claim my soul.” and his body became a heap of snow, whisked away by some unknown wind.

Kokoro would then claim her prize and open a portal under the snow.

Reunited warrior…

Alone and gravely wounded Rokke, who had barely survived a bite from an undead Tyrannosaurus, lay slumped against the wall next to a horde of gold and gems. After what seemed like ages something happened next to the pile. The final glyph had been activated somewhere causing the platform to erupt in a pillar of white light. It crackled and hummed as she drew her sword and prepared herself for whatever were to exit. Moments passed and yet nothing. She would heave her broken body to it’s feet. Wary of what misfortune could befall her, Rokke kicked a helmet into the vortex. It vanished within it without a trace. The warrior would eventually take the chance and step into the gateway. She would find herself standing next to Kokoro at the large gate that separated them. Rokke would share the fate of their two companions with her. Each had fallen during the desperate battle that nearly claimed her.

Proof of their demise would be found when they removed the bodies from the gems the housed them. Rokke would be caretaker of Mathis whom she would strip of his bag of holding whilst she searched for healing potions. Kokoro would be caretaker of Willam, who she would strip of his healing kit. Drinking many of the groups supplies they would agree to proceed to the Kobold’s lair in hopes to exchange the head of the dragon Repoleth for the Druid of Tanarooka.

Uneasy diplomacy…

The two elves would prove very capable trackers. They would expertly follow the tracks and signs they left in the trees. Within no time they would make their way across the snowy trails back to the home of the Col Kobolds. Shocked at the sight of the dragon’s head the Kobold’s saw no choice but to take the two adventures into their lair and give them a meeting with the brood master. Hesitantly they warned the group of the traps left against intruders and opened the secret passage that allowed access to the underground mushroom farms. Nearby the pair would be asked to wait as they fetched the broodmaster. He was an old (by kobold standards) creature who would tell the adventures that while they were forced to steal food from Tanarooka, they did not kidnap the druid. In fact, he was their willing guest who came to teach Druidcraft as a way of allowing the Kobolds to reap better yields.

He would bring forth the druid who would confirm this. Learning that his disappearance was believed to be a kidnapping by those in his village he would agree to return with the two adventures. He would also ask to bring two of his Kobold apprentices as a means of furthering their education.

Not in the mood for your shit Darvin…

Warning contains coarse language:

The pair arrive at Tanarooka with the Druid and Kobold’s in tow. The sun had just set and the two moons of Ebony and Sable had begun to shine, both waxing among the stars. As the companions move on to return to the apothecary, Kokoro and Rokke heard music and commotion coming from the nearby Tavern. Approaching, they notice the voice is that ofDarvin. Before they can make there way inside, they witness a human fall through the window. Inside, they witness, humans and elfs standing opposite on another, threatening to open into and all out brawl.

Rokke spoke out first, wanting everything to come to an end that moment. In response a mug of mead was hurled her way. This opening volley began the brawl that enveloped the tavern. Standing out among that fighters was an elf woman by the name ofJastra
who expertly dual wielded mugs of ale. She brought low the “leader” of the humans in the Gilded Pony single handed. Dolan Mongwau has not been seen since.

During the fight Rokke and Darvin sought shelter behind the bar as the chaos unfolded. She brought to his attention that Mathis and Willem had fallen in battle. Darvin was able to offer his spell scroll of reincarnate to return one of them to the world of the living. He also reminded them that they only had ten days to return the other ally to life. As afterwords the soul would become a permanent part of the plane for which they ended up.

The morning after and by the way…

Having founded shelter in the home of the elf Jastra the first thing they did was to bring back Willam. Rokke was again the one to make her way into the planes of the dead. She passed though the inner planes of fire and air, and entered the realm of chaos that enveloped them. She however needed to go further. She found herself in the gray fog filled realm of the ethereal. Here she found the soul of the dead marching on mass towards an area unknown. Every now and than she would see emissaries of the denizens of the outer plans pop into the realm and collect the souls of the particularly devote.

Among them she caught a glimpse of the great judge Theoi who would look into the actions of the dead and ultimately place them in the realm they fit best. It is among these souls waiting to be judged that Rokke finds Willam, already becoming grey and cold in the realm. Rokke explained that Willam was needed in the land of the living, he agreed knowing that there was still very much to do. Rokke offered her hand and Willam took it but not before quickly saying, “By the way you might come back as a monster.”

Willam would have a body remade that morning on the grounds of Tanarooka. It would be unlike anything the group expected. His race would belong to those touched by the fiends of the great abyss. It would be free of the demonic arm it once had, instead it become his entire body. He would become a teifling.

Below Repoleth's Lair
Three enter...



Willem Blackember and Rokke Anansi found themselves separated from Kokoro and trapped in another section of the dungeon beneath Repoleth’s lair. Despite having Mathis in Rokke’s gem they chose to act very cautiously as they explored the sandstone lined halls. Scouting the area they learned that it was quite small and dominated by one massive room. Inside the stalk of gold, which was being tended to by hordes of zombie, was suspected to be the lair of whatever called this place home. Avoiding the area until Mathis returned the pair came upon a room filled with chests.

Chests and Traps

These chests were aligned in six row of six. The grid they formed covered the majority of the floor. On the wall was an unusual glyph that read, “X marks the spot” along with a grid of 36 squares. The first row filled with two “X’s” and the number 1-4. Mathis joined the group as they attempted to solve the puzzle. Willam took the lead and attempted to open a chest sitting at the location marked as 1 on the wall. This proved to be ill advised as he found himself stuck to a mimic. It’s teeth and poison would eventually knock the sorcerer unconscious. His body slumped over the creature’s form.

Mathis would quickly come to his aid, healing the firemaster… for the moment. An eager drow, would unfortunately strike her ally dealing massive damage. Laying him low once again. The mimic would fall and Willam would survive to solve the puzzle. To do so he would need to fill the grid with the numbers 1-4 so that each number would not repeat in a row or column. While he would be forced to guess and “brute force” a few of the chests to learn the numbers within, (As well as avoid the traps, chief among them a pit trap nearly dropping Mathis into a black pudding.) Willam would solve the puzzle. By opening all of the correct chest the trio activated one of the three glyphs found within the dungeon.

Zombies… well done…

Skirting around the main room, the group came upon and unusual slit in the wall. Mathis was the first to investigate. Rushing over to it he found the wall didn’t make it all the way to the roof and in fact separated them from scores of undead, as well as another glyph. Rokke, while following behind and paying less attention, would soon step on a pressure plate in the floor. It opened the gap in the wall releasing undead upon the cleric. Quick action and a Fireball spell later would destroy the group before any real damage was done. Mathis would make use of an undead creature’s arm to activate the second glyph just beyond the new slit in the wall.

Grasping victory…

The final room with the final glyph was all that remained. They found themselves entering from the north into the room upper balcony. Rokke was the first to gaze at the mountain of coins in the center of the room. Her view was quickly blocked when the denizen on the area, a massive undead T-rex peered back at them before letting out a mighty roar. It lunched at the bars smashing them with it’s massive jaws and ripped a hole into the balcony. While the others backed away the priest of Jebus would not back away from the creature. Instead, he jumped out of the balcony onto the creatures back. It snapped at Willam and swatted it’s tail into the balcony causing the foundation to crack.

Mathis would quickly tumble off the dinosaur hurting himself in the fall. Rokke, blasting at the monstrosity with her wand of lighting bolts and Willam, throwing bolt of fire would kept it’s attention. It forced itself further and further into the balcony, snapping at the two intruders. Next to the piles of coins at the T-rex’s feet and surrounded by zombies Mathis would channel his Divine powers flashing the junk of Jebus. In an instant the holy light destroyed many of the horde and even forced the dinosaur to flee away from his junk. However, a stray firebolt would turn the giant’s attention back to the cleric. One well placed bite sent the dwarf reeling. His retreat was cut short by the zombies that surrounded him. Mathis fell unconscious on top of the coin pile.

…From the jaws of defeat.

As the rex stalked in to finish the cleric off a voice rang out, “Get away from him and come get me, you filthy lizard.” The booming voice belonged to Willam who got the attention of the dino just in time. He was unable to deal with the result however and was laid low by the dinosaur’s bite. The lone member of the group still standing Rokke stood against the zombies being regurgitated by the rex in order to stabilized Willam. Doing so she took a near fetal blow from the dino who had now toppled the balcony. Mathis let out his dying breath as Willam, still unconscious tumbled to the floor. Limping away nearly dead Rokke would, with a blast of lightning from her wand drop the undead horror. It would prove too late for Willam who died in the fall.

Circling back to the room searching for what became of her comrades Rokke, used most of what was left of her wands charges dispatching the remaining zombies. Alone and gravely wounded the drow was last seen slumping back against the wall to the floor. The final glyph glowing in front of her.

The Aftermath of Repoleth
Kokoro's Dungeon


Repoleth lies dead at the feet of the Warriors of Devine Light as vapour escapes from their mouths into the air. They look around and everything has become still. They check on each other taking stock of their condition. Paramount among them is the small elf wizard Kokoro, who is lying motionless on the ground with snow settling on her already.

Seeing Rokke’s utter disdain for his actions Mathis chose to enter into a trance instead. He then became light and entered into Rokke’s gem. The remaining members of the group scrounged around and found a healing potion and revived Kokoro. Without the dragon’s magic, the cave she chose to be her lair quickly began to return to its true form, revealing many of the treasures Repoleth had left behind. The elf wizard took special note of a stone well that became visible near the center of the cave. She knew this was the well in her vision and she needed to proceed.

Light at the bottom of a well.

There was thinning sheet of ice covering the bottom of the well. A frustrated Kokoro eventually smashed the ice with a hammer revealing a room dominated by a massive mechanism. Bright light erupted from a crystal in its center; bathing the room in a white glow. Four items orbited the crystal: a Wyvern, representing the god Azreal, a candle representing Elisea, a basin representing Aegir and finally another crystal blocked by shadow, which represented Balder. Using the massive arm that swung out from the center, Kokoro and the others were able to activate each of these objects:

With each of the four coloured lines that snake up into the wall you come to see the complete picture of the massive doors. Red and Blue draw a large archway, big enough for the former dweller Repolth to walk through. The black carves the extreme panels that make up the two doors and the white stands out as if bright light was pouring out of the cracks. The way forward is complete.

What lies beyond…

With the massive ethereal doors completed, they open the way into the streaming white static and light that mark the entrance into the trails reserved only for a specific warrior of light. They stepped forth and were separated. What became of Willem Blackember and Rokke is not spoken of yet. However, Kokoro faced the following trials.

Finding the Circlet of the Dead

Alone and not knowing where she was, Kokoro was assaulted by a Ghoul. Her quick reactions and Misty Step ability allowed her to slip past the monster’s bite. Using Ray of Frost she kept the Ghoul at bay before fishing it off with snowball

The Ghoul drops to its knees before collapsing to the floor. The gold circlet that once rested on its head falls off, echoing its sharp ring across the room as it hits the floor before rolling to your feet.

Fun with Ogres

The circlet was clearly made from a lesser design as it heated up and sparked on the head of the elf. She was, however, able to make use of it to detect undead creatures nearby. The next room housed a giant Ogre which attacked but was quickly taken under the circlet (Kokoro’s) control. She used the the ogre to knock down the drawbridge that prevented her from continuing. Another room with another puzzle followed. Kokoro used her newfound minions to cross into the next room.

The Puzzle that solved itself.

Beyond the smashed door, a zombie, moans, having been crushed underneath it. Light shines in from the open ceiling that has long ago collapsed destroying the original design of this room. Instead seven zombies wonder around stumbling over the busted rocks. Lumbering about is a large shelled dinosaur, a thick club of a tail swinging about. You wonder how it survived the harsh winter of the Mescal range until you realize… it didn’t

The wizard Kokoro gathered all the undead creatures her abilities could allow and began to lead this small army into battle against the many foes that awaited her. It was a long fought battle, between her Ogre and the dinosaur, however and and she prevailed.

The staff within reach…

You walk into an unnatural darkness, your undead horde by your side. Highlighted in the center of the room is a mound of snow and ice. Stabbed into it sits a large grey staff, slightly taller than Kokoro. It’s top, like the roots of a tree, wrap around a dark ruby gem. Reaching for it but unable to reach it is a corpse. It’s robes bear the unmistakable crest of Duckerson


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