The Warriors of Devine Light

The Aftermath of Repoleth
Kokoro's Dungeon


Repoleth lies dead at the feet of the Warriors of Devine Light as vapour escapes from their mouths into the air. They look around and everything has become still. They check on each other taking stock of their condition. Paramount among them is the small elf wizard Kokoro, who is lying motionless on the ground with snow settling on her already.

Seeing Rokke’s utter disdain for his actions Mathis chose to enter into a trance instead. He then became light and entered into Rokke’s gem. The remaining members of the group scrounged around and found a healing potion and revived Kokoro. Without the dragon’s magic, the cave she chose to be her lair quickly began to return to its true form, revealing many of the treasures Repoleth had left behind. The elf wizard took special note of a stone well that became visible near the center of the cave. She knew this was the well in her vision and she needed to proceed.

Light at the bottom of a well.

There was thinning sheet of ice covering the bottom of the well. A frustrated Kokoro eventually smashed the ice with a hammer revealing a room dominated by a massive mechanism. Bright light erupted from a crystal in its center; bathing the room in a white glow. Four items orbited the crystal: a Wyvern, representing the god Azreal, a candle representing Elisea, a basin representing Aegir and finally another crystal blocked by shadow, which represented Balder. Using the massive arm that swung out from the center, Kokoro and the others were able to activate each of these objects:

With each of the four coloured lines that snake up into the wall you come to see the complete picture of the massive doors. Red and Blue draw a large archway, big enough for the former dweller Repolth to walk through. The black carves the extreme panels that make up the two doors and the white stands out as if bright light was pouring out of the cracks. The way forward is complete.

What lies beyond…

With the massive ethereal doors completed, they open the way into the streaming white static and light that mark the entrance into the trails reserved only for a specific warrior of light. They stepped forth and were separated. What became of Willem Blackember and Rokke is not spoken of yet. However, Kokoro faced the following trials.

Finding the Circlet of the Dead

Alone and not knowing where she was, Kokoro was assaulted by a Ghoul. Her quick reactions and Misty Step ability allowed her to slip past the monster’s bite. Using Ray of Frost she kept the Ghoul at bay before fishing it off with snowball

The Ghoul drops to its knees before collapsing to the floor. The gold circlet that once rested on its head falls off, echoing its sharp ring across the room as it hits the floor before rolling to your feet.

Fun with Ogres

The circlet was clearly made from a lesser design as it heated up and sparked on the head of the elf. She was, however, able to make use of it to detect undead creatures nearby. The next room housed a giant Ogre which attacked but was quickly taken under the circlet (Kokoro’s) control. She used the the ogre to knock down the drawbridge that prevented her from continuing. Another room with another puzzle followed. Kokoro used her newfound minions to cross into the next room.

The Puzzle that solved itself.

Beyond the smashed door, a zombie, moans, having been crushed underneath it. Light shines in from the open ceiling that has long ago collapsed destroying the original design of this room. Instead seven zombies wonder around stumbling over the busted rocks. Lumbering about is a large shelled dinosaur, a thick club of a tail swinging about. You wonder how it survived the harsh winter of the Mescal range until you realize… it didn’t

The wizard Kokoro gathered all the undead creatures her abilities could allow and began to lead this small army into battle against the many foes that awaited her. It was a long fought battle, between her Ogre and the dinosaur, however and and she prevailed.

The staff within reach…

You walk into an unnatural darkness, your undead horde by your side. Highlighted in the center of the room is a mound of snow and ice. Stabbed into it sits a large grey staff, slightly taller than Kokoro. It’s top, like the roots of a tree, wrap around a dark ruby gem. Reaching for it but unable to reach it is a corpse. It’s robes bear the unmistakable crest of Duckerson


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