The Warriors of Devine Light

Below Repoleth's Lair

Three enter...



Willem Blackember and Rokke Anansi found themselves separated from Kokoro and trapped in another section of the dungeon beneath Repoleth’s lair. Despite having Mathis in Rokke’s gem they chose to act very cautiously as they explored the sandstone lined halls. Scouting the area they learned that it was quite small and dominated by one massive room. Inside the stalk of gold, which was being tended to by hordes of zombie, was suspected to be the lair of whatever called this place home. Avoiding the area until Mathis returned the pair came upon a room filled with chests.

Chests and Traps

These chests were aligned in six row of six. The grid they formed covered the majority of the floor. On the wall was an unusual glyph that read, “X marks the spot” along with a grid of 36 squares. The first row filled with two “X’s” and the number 1-4. Mathis joined the group as they attempted to solve the puzzle. Willam took the lead and attempted to open a chest sitting at the location marked as 1 on the wall. This proved to be ill advised as he found himself stuck to a mimic. It’s teeth and poison would eventually knock the sorcerer unconscious. His body slumped over the creature’s form.

Mathis would quickly come to his aid, healing the firemaster… for the moment. An eager drow, would unfortunately strike her ally dealing massive damage. Laying him low once again. The mimic would fall and Willam would survive to solve the puzzle. To do so he would need to fill the grid with the numbers 1-4 so that each number would not repeat in a row or column. While he would be forced to guess and “brute force” a few of the chests to learn the numbers within, (As well as avoid the traps, chief among them a pit trap nearly dropping Mathis into a black pudding.) Willam would solve the puzzle. By opening all of the correct chest the trio activated one of the three glyphs found within the dungeon.

Zombies… well done…

Skirting around the main room, the group came upon and unusual slit in the wall. Mathis was the first to investigate. Rushing over to it he found the wall didn’t make it all the way to the roof and in fact separated them from scores of undead, as well as another glyph. Rokke, while following behind and paying less attention, would soon step on a pressure plate in the floor. It opened the gap in the wall releasing undead upon the cleric. Quick action and a Fireball spell later would destroy the group before any real damage was done. Mathis would make use of an undead creature’s arm to activate the second glyph just beyond the new slit in the wall.

Grasping victory…

The final room with the final glyph was all that remained. They found themselves entering from the north into the room upper balcony. Rokke was the first to gaze at the mountain of coins in the center of the room. Her view was quickly blocked when the denizen on the area, a massive undead T-rex peered back at them before letting out a mighty roar. It lunched at the bars smashing them with it’s massive jaws and ripped a hole into the balcony. While the others backed away the priest of Jebus would not back away from the creature. Instead, he jumped out of the balcony onto the creatures back. It snapped at Willam and swatted it’s tail into the balcony causing the foundation to crack.

Mathis would quickly tumble off the dinosaur hurting himself in the fall. Rokke, blasting at the monstrosity with her wand of lighting bolts and Willam, throwing bolt of fire would kept it’s attention. It forced itself further and further into the balcony, snapping at the two intruders. Next to the piles of coins at the T-rex’s feet and surrounded by zombies Mathis would channel his Divine powers flashing the junk of Jebus. In an instant the holy light destroyed many of the horde and even forced the dinosaur to flee away from his junk. However, a stray firebolt would turn the giant’s attention back to the cleric. One well placed bite sent the dwarf reeling. His retreat was cut short by the zombies that surrounded him. Mathis fell unconscious on top of the coin pile.

…From the jaws of defeat.

As the rex stalked in to finish the cleric off a voice rang out, “Get away from him and come get me, you filthy lizard.” The booming voice belonged to Willam who got the attention of the dino just in time. He was unable to deal with the result however and was laid low by the dinosaur’s bite. The lone member of the group still standing Rokke stood against the zombies being regurgitated by the rex in order to stabilized Willam. Doing so she took a near fetal blow from the dino who had now toppled the balcony. Mathis let out his dying breath as Willam, still unconscious tumbled to the floor. Limping away nearly dead Rokke would, with a blast of lightning from her wand drop the undead horror. It would prove too late for Willam who died in the fall.

Circling back to the room searching for what became of her comrades Rokke, used most of what was left of her wands charges dispatching the remaining zombies. Alone and gravely wounded the drow was last seen slumping back against the wall to the floor. The final glyph glowing in front of her.


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